"Natalia did a wonderful job of my hair and makeup, catering to my needs and working really efficiently, but what's more she made me feel really comfortable too and was a lovely person to have around. She was on the ball with checks constantly, I've never felt so pampered.."

Katie Thistleton

BBC Presenter

“I met Natalia when I was working as co-director for the production 'Life and Death of Marina Abramovic'…

Natalia is a highly talented Make-up artist, I have met very few of her quality in my professional life…

She is a true artist in her field, working with precision and security. For the international tour of the show, she took over the supervision for a large group of other Make up artists in Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Canada and USA, while personally making up the main performers of the production…

She is a beautiful, very pleasant and intelligent person…

I highly recommend her to any theatre and/or film-production…”



“Natalia is a very skilled makeup artist. Not only is she precise, conscientious and creative, she is also a calm and delightful person. I have worked with her extensively: often with her executing very complicated makeups. Her work is always at the highest level.”



“I had the pleasure of working with Natalia on an international tour of Robert Wilson's The Old Woman. Natalia was responsible for maintaining a very specific and detailed make up design on the two lead characters; Willem Dafoe and Mikhail Baryshnikov: She did an excellent job...

I could always count on the make up being done on time…

Natalia was a wonderful member of the crew, maintaining a professional yet friendly attitude.."



"An amazingly talented and hard working individual; always professional and always pleasant. Would bring sparkle and skill to any project..."



"Natalia provided pre-production make up support for an historical explorer inspired production in 2014. Drafted in at short notice, Natalia quickly picked up on the support we required with regards to wigs, make up and make up instruction, and delivered seamlessly. The actors looked brilliant and true to the era. We found Natalia to be very conscientious and easy to work with.."




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